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Leather color may vary from cream color to dark brown which will affect the color of the finished product. Each strop is hand checked for “nap and grab” before being packaged. We hand pick leather from a little home owned leather supplier here in Amarillo. We have found that a good quality chap leather is the best.

  • There are a tremendous amount of tools and sharpening aids available that make the process easy, but my go-to is a strop.
  • Suede is just a lot better at holding compound well for the polishing woodcarving tools need.
  • A strop loaded with abrasives doesn’t count as an abrasive and can only be used to further refine a knife only if it still has a burr.
  • But, for obvious reasons (i.e. it plugs into a wall), it’s strictly a home or workshop option and overkill for most people.
  • Leather side can be prepared with either solid or tube strop paste.

Our mounted strops feature leather attached to solid maple. Depending on how you like to work and what edges you are honing, there are options to fit your needs, including bench mounted and hand held strops. All are available in suede or smooth. In the case of our popular and versatile Paddle Strops, one side is smooth and the other suede, giving both options in one.

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This works because the leather has a bit of give, and will mold itself a bit to the knife’s angle, as opposed to the unyielding stone. A strop is basically a piece of leather. After a knife is sharpened, it can be taken to a strop, which aligns the edge, and helps the knife cut.

I am the creator of Knife Guides, your one-stop site for everything related to knives. I am a computer engineer by profession, knife aficionado by passion. Here I work with a group of people who’ve always had a passion for knives and blades. Over the years we’ve kind of become experts and decided to share our knowledge and ideas. I am also an avid hiker and enjoy offshore gamefishing. One of the easy ways to roughen a strop is to use a wire brush.

If you put in the time to get it there, stropping will take it the rest of the way. If you are as obsessive about your knives as I am and need to do some fine work, think about adding a strop to your sharpening system. I’m confident you’ll notice the difference. The sharpest carving tool, camping tools, best kitchen utensils, and barber blades don’t just go through regular sharpening. That would reduce the edge and reshape the blades. Slightly brushing your blades over a selected piece of leather.

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You can use a strop without any compound applied to it. A smooth leather strop with no applied compound is great for removing blemishes and burrs on the edge. Lay the bevel against the surface of the best leather strop and apply light pressure and begin moving the blade away from the cutting edge. Flip the blade to the opposite side and repeat the process. This is going to be the best leather strop for whittling and chip carving knives. Blade shapes like those have are easier to sharpen and polish horizontally, back and forth .

With built in angle guides, coarse and fine sharpening stones, coarse and fine ceramic rods, and a leather strop, you can get any edged tool back in tip-top shape. From knives to your favorite axe, scissors, fishhooks, and more, the Work Sharp Field Sharpener does it all and is the best knife sharpener to throw in a camping pack. In this article, I researched to help you with the best leather for a strop. I have over ten years of knife sharpening experience. In that time I have made my own strops, I have used every stropping and buffing material known to man.

But if you continue to have trouble narrowing down the strops evaluated, the Red Deer and GBS High-Quality Leather Strop both a must buy. And that’s no criticism for the rest of the three that were reviewed, so settle on one of them if they offer something that the previous does not. Whichever you end up with, get ready make your cutting tools last much longer than before. If the talk is about leather boots, strops or sofa, mineral oil can’t be called the safest choice. The mineral oil is considered to be dry, allowing it to hurt, discolor, and soften the leather over time. There are two sides of leather, the grain and the flesh part.

best strop for knives

Anyone that is serious about a sharp knife is missing the boat if they are not using a strop to maintain their blade. Trust me, buy a Strop Block, you will be very glad you did. The type of strop you purchase is not nearly as important as having one for daily maintenance. It is common practice to keep your blade sharp in order to continue carving and is necessary for any type of wood your blade is up against. Use one side of a strop for a compound to achieve a great edge for carving wood, then follow up with polishing on the plain side. The slightly abrasive honing compounds are what help reach a sharp edge faster and easier, usually measured in microns.


Although other materials to are used, strops are most often made of leather. And the leathers come in a suede and smooth. A belt of natural leather should fit just right. The bulk of leather strops buffing compound for knife sharpening vary from cordovan to oil-tanned horsehide. It is fine if the leather strop is clean and wide. Ignore the obvious garbage, just aim for one that’s long enough to match you and big enough.

A diamond paste is the same idea, but in a form that’s easier to spread on a strop and work into it. Rougher grit compounds are more aggressive and remove more metal. Which means they work faster but produce edges that are less finely polished. Finer grit compounds remove less metal and work more slowly, but they’re how you get the best results. If you only buy one compound color, make it the $14 Bark River Black.

best strop for knives

Apply just a little of the leather strop compound to your knife-sharpening strop. Usually, the leather for stropping has to be covered completely. I’ve been in some unpleasant situations when I used either too much or not enough.

Leather Strop Double Sided Tatianka With Polishing Compound For Knives, Chisels Stropping Kit

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